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IPES comprises of a highly skilled team who are passionate about providing and integrating innovative, cost-effective and professional engineering services, with an emphasis on financial control, quality and energy efficiency to their clients.

Providing so much more than an integrated and comprehensive spectrum of Electrical, Control and Instrumentation design and consulting services; IPES present tailormade turnkey solutions of the practical aspects of instrumented process and electrical engineering, rooted in experience and implemented with innovation.

A wealth of experience in evaluating and designing dynamic instrumented electrical systems and processes, carefully balancing engineering theory and comprehensive practical application knowledge, paired with a reputable track record over three decades; IPES is iconic in its ideology and innovative and creative in its execution.

The IPES team share the vision in positioning IPES at the forefront of functional electrical engineering trends across the African continent and beyond, while remaining committed to nature conservation and the preservation of ecology.

One of the big players in an extremely niche industry, with over thirty years’ experience, an impressive international portfolio and a keen interest in sustainable development and investment into Africa and other continents; IPES is a proud member of CESA, SAIEE, SAFA and SAGA, which are all accredited and industry respected organisations.

IPES is a diverse organisation with stakeholders from a range of different backgrounds, cultures, professions and experiences. This supports the national transformation agenda of South Africa, making IPES BEE Level 1 compliant, with the vision to continually support transformation.

IPES is vested in joint ventures, with a robust reputation that affords IPES appointment on the majority of projects. No matter the budget or brief, IPES believes in a collaborative work environment, co-creating solutions using their engineering expertise, design experience as well as technical capability to create and establish Electrical, Control and Electronic Instrumentation services tailored to meet individual client requirements.

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