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Established June 1988

The first IPES project dates back to 1988; with the Venda Water Care Works for the Venda Government in 1989 as well as Electrical, Control and Instrumentation design work for leading international petrochemical companies Shell and BP in 1990.

The first project that was successfully completed by IPES for Sasol Gas was in 1993, and thereafter IPES was involved in numerous design and execution projects of Pressure Reducing Stations (PRS) and High Pressure Client Metering Stations (HPCMS) nationally. Each PRS includes an over pressure protection slam-shut valve configuration with dual pressure regulator set, rated for Safety Integrity Level of 2 (SIL2), with some sensitive cases complying to SIL3.

In 2001 IPES was involved with the natural gas conversion in South Africa, and continues to navigate the changing energy landscape, following the discovery of natural gas.

In 2006 IPES was appointed as Electrical, Control and Instrumentation design engineer for Kumba Sishen South Mine, with the responsibility of detail engineering and design.

Since 2007 IPES has been leading projects for Airports Company South Africa. The relationship started with the Apron Leak Detection System, the Control and Instrumentation at Midfield Apron Fuel Hydrant, as well as the detail design for ORTIA Fuel Tank Farm expansion.

IPES was involved in the basic design, detail design and commissioning of the Sasol Alrode Fuel depot in 2009, with the project being completed in 2015. This facility has eight loading gantries, of which two cater for the off-loading of fuel as well. The fuels handled at the facility are ULP93, ULP95, Diesel ULS and Diesel 50. Additive injection is done for the different fuel grades, and the tank overfill protection complies to SIL1.

Not only has IPES been involved with the fuel depots for Sasol but also in the piped fuel arena, with a 150km fuel components pipeline constructed between Secunda and Sasolburg. The control and instrumentation comprise the fuel pump station at Secunda, as well as the control valve stations along the line through a fibre-optic network. For this purpose, the two control systems at Secunda and Sasolburg needed to be linked to allow for the safe transfer of fuel components between the two plants.

In 2013 IPES is proud to have participated in the electrical infrastructure design on 1 Discovery Place. Discovery’s iconic headquarters is the largest single-phase commercial office development in Africa, as well as the largest new building to receive a five-star rating from the Green Building Council South Africa

IPES was part of the local design and supply team to design and supply a High Pressure Client Metering Station skid to Kapone Independent Power Plant in Ghana in 2015.

In 2016, IPES acted as client engineer, on behalf of one of the major construction companies (WBHO) in South Africa, for international client OTMS, investing in a Crude Oil facility in Saldanha, in the Western Cape.

In 2017 IPES was appointed as Electrical, Control and Instrumentation design engineers, for the design and commissioning for the new PPA Pande Infill and Delineation Wells project in Pande, Mozambique. During the same period, IPES was involved with the design and implementation of various Compressed Natural Gas stations.

IPES has been involved with the complete supply chain for Natural Gas from Wellhead to client consumption points, and recently became involved with Liquified Natural Gas as well.

In 2018, IPES was appointed as Electrical, Control and Instrumentation design engineers for a CNG compression and refuelling station in Witbank for a private client.  Early 2019 IPES received the appointed for Engineering, Environmental and Construction Management Services for Decommissioning of Transnet Pipelines Durban – Johannesburg Pipeline (DJP) and Associated Infrastructure.

Due to this highly specialised design field, IPES has been appointed for different projects by an array of design houses to complete the Control and Instrumentation design.

The Electrical, Control and Instrumentation project suite at IPES is growing annually, adding to the knowledge and experience of this specialist design house.

Committed to re-imagining the industry of Electrical Engineering with every new challenge faced, benefiting clients and employees alike; IPES is continually driving conversation for change and striving to source sustainable solutions through innovative technology, as oil and gas remains the most adaptable energy source, powering communication and revolutionising the way we live.

Technologically providing the leading edge for proactive engineering solutions.

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