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Information and Communication Technologies

IPES specialises in a wide range of communication mediums, including terrestrial radio, fibre-optic systems and networks, GSM for industrial applications and narrow band satellite communications. Applications include calculation and data processing via SCADA systems for process plants, advanced reporting from historian systems, server data duplication, record keeping and retrieval, transmission of general documentation and process test transmissions for set-point comparison and alarm systems.

IPES places the highest value on delivering an exceptionally high-quality product – from basic engineering and design to completed installations and project End of Job Document submissions. To this end, IPES uses the applicable design standards and specifications unique to each customer, whilst strictly adhering to industry best practices and South African National Standard Specifications (SANS). IPES engages in rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control throughout the duration of our projects, cooperating closely and continuously with our customers by employing ISO9000.

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