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Regular inspections and maintenance are integral to minimizing costly unplanned downtime. To aid customers in their effort to maintain their installations and to remain compliant with all applicable SANS and Occupational Health and Safety codes, IPES performs triannual and annual compliance audits in the form of close, visual and detailed inspections of both new and existing equipment. Should the client be required to achieve compliance or diagnose an unforeseen failure on site, IPES will draw upon its extensive knowledge and experience to assist with any documentation, maintenance or repair work. Examples of maintenance work that IPES has performed include:

  • Diagnostics and repair of technical network connectivity issues caused by severed data cables.
  • Electric motor trips due to failed motor couplings and/or obstructions in piping/manifolds.
  • Generator trips due to false over-temperature readings caused by poor sensor grounding.
  • Valves failing due to loss of limit switch signals and faulty solenoids.
  • Lightning damage to tank level gauging and weighbridge installations.
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