The IPES Edge

Leading by example

Optimal Engineering Performance

IPES is equipped with a highly skilled team who are passionate about providing innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solutions. We have a proven track record in all phases of project development in the petrochemical, oil and natural gas, mining, energy, and urban development sectors.

Established in June 1988, we have become trusted providers of solutions to many world-class clients, including leading petrochemical companies. We are also a proud member of CESA, SAIEE, SAFA and SAGA, which are all accredited and industry respected organisations.

Our Structural Identity

We are the leading experts in Electrical, Control, and Instrumentation design across the key markets of Petrochemical, Natural Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, and Urban Development.


Throughout our thirty-year history, we have paved the way for the development of innovative solutions in the electrical engineering sector. This department of ours specialises in lightning protection and earthing, access control, fire detection, and closed-circuit television.

Control and Automation

In terms of control and automation, we focus on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, radio-based telemetry networks, industrial satellite-based remote monitoring, and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) panel layout and design. This keeps you in the know and helps ensure effective decision-making derived from correct data.

Information and Communication Technologies

We specialise in a wide range of communication mediums, including terrestrial radio, fibre-optic systems and networks, GSM for industrial applications, and narrowband satellite communications. Applications of SCADA systems include calculation and data processing.

Construction Management

Our construction management team is committed to ensuring that all projects are delivered in accordance with the design specifications and all applicable standards are strictly adhered to.


We are particularly well-versed in instrumentation, with our company having remained flexible and responsive to the dynamic changes in control and communication over the past few decades.

Optimal Performance Drivers

Our drivers ensure your system, whether currently active or still to be active, operate at its maximum potential.

We ensure optimal results through:

Strategic Planning

Holistic planning and job description.


Site supervision, quality assurance and quality control, including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).

System updates

Constantly testing the Reliability, sustainability, and high availability of systems.

Focus on efficiency

Instrumentation system design for efficient and accurate process control and monitoring.

Job Validity

Commissioning and end-of-job documentation.

System Integration

Integrate communication systems design into project.

Attention to detail

Custom, cost-effective system designs with detailed EC&I drawings and schedules.

Optimal designs

Through our collaborative approach, we are able to co-create strategies and solutions with our clients, which drive our business and theirs forward. We continue to grow and evolve as a result.

By joining forces with us, sharing our quality standards and values, and using our proven logical approach to problem-solving, we can assure you the following:

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